Policy for Drug Users in Indonesia: A Critical Policy Analysis of Jail Punishment and an Alternate Rehabilitation Policy

I Nyoman Sutarsa

I Nyoman Sutarsa
Udayana University. Email:
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Sutarsa, I. 2014. Policy for Drug Users in Indonesia: A Critical Policy Analysis of Jail Punishment and an Alternate Rehabilitation Policy. Public Health and Preventive Medicine Archive 2(1): 88-91. DOI:10.15562/phpma.v2i1.129

The prevalence of drug users in Indonesia during 2004 was 1.5% from a total population (3.2 million people).  About 69% of them were abusers and 31% were addicted. In addition, 6% of the total population have experienced drugs.1 Illicit drugs are harming people in many ways, causing a wide range of health problems: addiction, injuries, cardiovascular diseases, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and cancers. One in five drug users meet the WHO criteria for dependence


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